Frekuensi Minor Ep. 9 w/ Que Sakamoto


Frekuensi Minor is an offline activation held regularly by Double Deer Records, a Jakarta-based label that signs promising and some of the most anticipated names in the nation’s techno scene. Harvy Abdurachman, one of the most renowned act from Double Deer Records’ roster, performs in every episode of Frekuensi Minor alongside other celebrated local and international acts.

After a two months break, Frekuensi Minor is now back with its 9th episode featuring one of Japan’s most anticipated. Que Sakamoto, is the founder and a central figure in Huit Etoiles, the collective that caused a whirlwind of Nu Disco in Tokyo. He regularly headlines Tokyo’s most happening nightlife clubs like Womb, Origami, Air, AgeHa, and Vision. Not only the leader of Japan’s Nu Disco scene, he is also an influencer of similar scenes in Miami, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Mexico, Seoul, Prague, and even Bali. His fashion features a high aesthetic sense that he developed over the years. With a combination of funky, disco, house, and techno, he fascinates the dance floor every time.

Alongside Que Sakamoto and Harvy Abdurachman is Gerhan from Akamady, a regular at Jakarta’s underground scene. With upbeat tunes tingling with excitement, Gerhan surely lures all attendees to dance their shoes off and have a great time.

Frekuensi Minor Ep. 9 is going to be held at Queenshead, Kemang, on July 28 2017. Starting from 9 PM, experience a Double Deer Records party that will leave you eagerly waiting for the next episode.