Mantra Vutura - Solar Labyrinth EP


Tristan and Zaki went to kindergarten together and they clicked instantly, both coming from families with musical background. They have been going to the same school ever since. They are now signed by Double Deer Records, one of the leading label in Jakarta’s electronic music scene.

The name ‘Mantra Vutura’ is meant to represent their music, which has two main aspects of it. ‘Mantra’, or spells, describing the native side they adapt from traditional cultures such as traditional chanting and percussion play, while ‘Vutura’, derived from the word future, representing the futuristic side they bring with electronic music play. Musically, Zaki, who performed in Java Jazz 2006 - 2007 and 2009, represented Indonesia in Child Aid Singapore 2011, and also the protege of Adjie Rao, brings the ‘Mantra’ aspect with his percussion play while Tristan, the youngest son of Indonesian maestro Addie MS and a student of Adelaide Simbolon, the ‘Vutura’ with his keyboard. They described their genre as house, but took it literally, saying that their ‘house’ has many rooms influenced by many other genres. They listed many of their predecessors including Todd Terje, Lindstrom, and even Double Deer Records’ very own Kimokal and Artificial as their influence. 

With high anticipation from their audience, they are set to release an EP September 22. The five tracks piece is named ‘Solar Labyrinth’, which portrays the telltale of Mantra Vutura’s journey. ‘Un Deux Trois’, the first track, serves as the perfect introduction to the tale. ‘Solar Labyrinth’ gives you a dreamy feels, with ‘The Gravitation’ and ‘The Creation Part 2’, but just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, if not dancing to the energetic beats of ‘The Dance of Life’ and ‘The Creation Part 1’. This EP celebrates Mantra Vutura’s musical journey, as well as an introduction to the industry. With ‘Solar Labyrinth’ as their kick start, Mantra Vutura is only just beginning.