Rayssa Dynta - Something About Us


Rayssa Dynta is the name of Double Deer Records’ darling, the title she holds truly with her lovable and sweet upbringing, yet mesmerizing angelic voice with undebatable musical ability. The soloist is working on her debut EP, set to be released early 2018. All tracks from ‘Prolog’, the upcoming EP, represents a chapter of Rayssa Dynta’s journey of self exploration. Her first single, titled  ‘Something About Us’, serves as an introduction, both to Rayssa Dynta as a person and her music as a solo artist. The single is to be released Friday, 15 December 2017.

The simple harmony within ‘Something About Us’ is perfected with special touches here and there that give the song its edge. Rayssa Dynta’s voice has an angelic character no other female soloist in Indonesia has, emphasizing the uniqueness she presents with her music. The message ‘Something About Us’ conveys gets through to audience not only with the lyric, but also the harmony of the music. The song shows a promising act, somewhat portraying a mature and intricate being behind it, while in reality, Rayssa Dynta captivates her surrounding with her innocent and lovable presence.

Rayssa Dynta expressed the upcoming EP as a heartfelt writing wrapped in a dreamlike music, and ‘Something About Us’ is the perfect sneak peek to it. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or looking forward to unwind after a long day at work, the soothing melody of ‘Something About Us’ is an easy company to take your edge off and drive you to dreamland.