Mixing + Mastering

Now that musicians are everywhere, you would need to be one step ahead in terms of music creation to stands out. A meticulous music shows over and above process in making it. Our course provides a way to prep your music to a masterpiece.

This course contains 8 x 2 hour classes that accommodate you in strengthen your existing music, envision creating something out of your imagery to their maximum potential.

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Rp. 4.500.000,-

* Registration Fee Rp. 250.000,-





Started producing music from zero with Ableton in his college dorm on late 2012. On 2015 he released his debut single S.A.L is released by Cafe? Del Mar from Ibiza. His main influences ranges from electronica to minimal techno.


02 April 2018
01 May 2018
04 June 2018
02 July 2018
06 August 2018


Session 01

Introduction to Mixing (Concept, Goal of Mixing, History of Mixing)

Session 02

Built in Ableton Tools for Mixing

Session 03

Using Plug-Ins to Mix your song

Session 04

Final Mix Down

Session 05

Introduction to Mastering (Concept, Goal of Mastering & History of Mastering)

Session 06

Built in Ableton Tools for Mixing

Session 07

Using Plug-Ins for Mastering

Session 08

Review & Final Assignment

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